Milo Horse Rescue is looking for horse lovers and advocates, adopters and fosters, volunteers and sponsors or donors.  Horses are special beings, costly beings, deserving beings, which need and deserve love and care until their end.

The horse “Industry” – horse stewardship, lack of resources or choices can be cruel.  Milo wants to offer an alternative where and when we can.  We also want to educate people about the plight of American horses.

How can you help?


A great way you can help is by sponsoring a horse. Financial support helps support further life saving work. Sponsorships are $125 a month and help provide the daily care, feeding, and veterinary costs of Milo rescued horses awaiting adoption.  Sponsorships help defray costs and save money that can be used to rescue and help other horses avoid untimely death. Our costs to save, transport and provide just the initial vet care for each horse is between $3000 - $4000, then there is further vetting, teeth, hoof care, special foods, supplements and a LOT of food, as most arrive in poor shape.


Email to apply.  Tell us about your experience and availability.  Most of our horses are in Novato and some are elsewhere like in Petaluma, and of course we always have horses at the Milo Sanctuary in Mendocino County, East of Willits and there we always can use volunteers! 


Horse savvy folks, with home stables are encouraged to take on the care and maintenance of our rescued horses.  Because horses are herd animals we like them to go in pairs unless there is another horse at the home.  Working with them, lunging, providing as much as possible for the horse/s to become strong and sound….then help in getting them adopted to good, horse loving homes.  Food, manure management, meds/supplements….vet care…any and all help is appreciated but not 100% required out of pocket.


Yes, these horses are up for adoption. We have Pasture companions (non-ridable) on up to active youngsters and project horses, to mellower, good trail horses.  We ask for a minimum of $2000 for the horses, on up to $4000 with suggested additional donations when possible to support our efforts and enable us to save others. 


Whatever you can do to help support Milo Horse Rescue we thank you.  All donations and sponsorships are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permissible by law.