About The Minis

ADOPTED!  But, we may have more that will be adoptable soon.  If you are interested in adopting a mini, please reach out!


Tank is a beautiful 38.5 inch size B miniature Bay with a gorgeous coat. He is a very curious guy who likes affection and is always the one to “test the waters” for his sidekick, Tonka.  Tank will allow his hooves to be picked and groomed as long as there is a little food involved.  He is a great size for pulling a carriage so with a little love and training he could have a new career! 


36 inch Tonka boasts a beautiful mane and tail and is just waiting for that special someone to show him love and trust.  He is a little more shy than his friend, Tank, but once that first touch of love is given, he gives in and really appreciates the attention. He is a sweet size B mini and has never kicked out or shown aggression. He allows his hooves to be picked and groomed while having a few treats.  He needs a patient calm owner who won’t rush him, but will be his “leader.”

Tonka and Tank need a forever home TOGETHER to grow into their personalities and to be confident horses.  

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