About The Milo Foundation

The Milo Foundation is an established 501(c)(3) non-profit no-kill organization providing an alternative for homeless pets throughout California, and occasionally beyond. Milo provides community education, volunteer opportunities, adoption services and provides Sanctuary for animals needing more time and space to have a quality of life until the special homes they need can be found. 

The Milo Foundation has our Sanctuary located on two hundred and eighty-three acres in Mendocino County offering lots of room for the animals to run and play. The Milo Sanctuary houses primarily dogs and cats, and an increasing number of horses, with the recent addition of the Milo Horse Rescue program, also goats, donkeys, pigs and feathered farm animals.

Since December 2013, the Milo Foundation has had it's main office and primary adoption center located in Point Richmond, California. Milo Point Richmond, known as MPR, has opened up new opportunities for the Milo Foundation, with a terrific space including rooms for cats, three dog yards and a 3/4 acre dog park. Milo is saving and adopting out more than 2000 animals a year. 

Milo has ample volunteer and fostering opportunities in the Bay Area and at our Sanctuary and soon for skilled horse people, as well as extensive outreach activities, including regular Mobile Adoptions in Marin, and occasionally in San Francisco and East Bay locations to meet and greet a select group of adoptable animals, many of whom are cared for in Milo foster homes.